“Walking With Your Shoes Untied” rocks, a hand-clapping, upbeat song that gets the disc off to a strong start, it is catchy and refreshing with a lesson about making the most of life’s challenges. The disc highlight, “Give Me a Call,” is next, another brisk rocker with a message of hope anchored in a drop-dead memorable chorus hook; it’s the radio-ready single of the set. Lodge hits another home run with “Goodbye Good Times” as he manages a humorous story about a character who is his own worst enemy, stealing and brawling his way through life, in and out of jail. Again, the song’s hook burns its riff into the listener’s brain after a verse or two.

[I Will Be There] takes on a creative aspect that is unlike his previous records yet still brings that classic Joshua Lodge sound. Country influences are apparent throughout each track, as you’ll hear the sounds of mandolins, banjos and dobros.

The record opens with “Walking With Your Shoes Untied” which was the perfect intro to the rest of the album. There’s an automatic country vibe with a foot tapping, hand clapping, feel-good chorus mixed in. It has a Buddy Holly-esque resemblance to it, in which it was written with a sense of timelessness to it and can be taken for a variety of meanings. The next track, “Just Give Me A Call”, is the record’s first single and is the perfect radio single for a number of reasons."
Gina Catalano - Stage Right Secrets

“Winner of the 2009 San Diego Music Award for “Best Local Recording,” Joshua Lodge is certainly one of the most gifted singer-songwriters the area has seen in some time. The tunes from his award-winning disc, “Raw,” will likely get the night’s biggest response, but he’s an engaging, crowd-pleasing performer, whether in acoustic mode or with a combo. Lodge adds a slight pop edge to his songs that makes his music a bridge between the acoustic stylings of Jason Mraz and the rock of Switchfoot.”
Bart Mendoza - North Park News

“Lodge is ambitious and he wears it on his sleeve. Throughout the record, he delivers more natural performances that demonstrate considerable growth vocally and performance-wise over his 2007 EP. His lack of cynicism makes him different and may align him with a broader listening audience.”
Will Edwards - The San Diego Troubadour

“Lodge's new CD, Raw, demonstrate that there is no substitute for hard work. The entire CD benefits from clever songwriting, meaningful lyrics, and Lodge's unique ability to switch gears. It captures Lodge doing what he does best: performing, not just singing.”
John Philip Wyllie - The San Diego Troubadour